17 Fun Indoor Activities for Rainy Days
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

We love spending the summer outdoors! But when the rain warmed up the cabin, we turned to some fun activities for the whole family, mostly they use creative thinking, imaginative play and cooperation!
Here are some great ideas for the whole family⁠ — Rain or Rain.
Build a castle of blankets
This classic game never goes out of style. Create a cozy nook for the kids with blankets and living room furniture. Throw pillows on the floor and read in their new playroom.
Treasure hunt
Make a treasure map with clues and puzzles for each family member around the house. Put the "treasure" at the end so that everyone can find it, whether it's a sweet note , a surprise or a real gold box!
Play at the jumping house
You don't need chalk and driveway. Instead, in your home, use painter's tape to make boards on surfaces without carpet.
Make soft pretzels
Everyone love this super simple recipe. Even the smallest hands can help in the kitchen. Get creative with your own dip!
Organize a prom
When the kids need to relax, turn on some music and start moving. Try searching for playlists from the 50s on SPOTIFY (there are some of our favorite dance songs!)
A feast.
Dress beautifully and enjoy a finger sandwich to recreate this formal English tradition.Everyone will love setting a beautiful table and eating a bite of food the size of a bite.Don't forget to invite the Queen!
Make a portrait of Picasso
Create hilarious "portraits" of each other from old magazines and newspapers by collecting facial features in ads and photos.
Environmentally friendly mucus making
We love this Healthy Moms recipe, which uses the materials you already have at home.
Listen to a book
No audiobooks on hand? Try a new podcast, like our favorite story time.
Animation of talent shows
There is no better time to show off your hidden talents. Build a stage in the living room and have everyone take turns playing something for their family, whether it is a puppet show to socks or a Grand Slam of poetry.
A day at the beach
Pack your picnic and turn the living room into a beach paradise: Hang the homemade sun and clouds from the ceiling, bring beach chairs and beach towels and blankets. Play Ocean Sound Music (or your favorite Beach Music Instead of making sandcastles, kids can make crepe garlands and paper fans
Origami experiment
Use handmade paper or origami to find beginner tutorials like these jumping frogs.
Recycle old pencils
Using broken pencil fragments, melt them in a silicone mold in the oven to create a new set of pencils.
Form a group
Have everyone grab an instrument and even try writing their own song! Don't forget to hit the "Record" button on your phone when you get to the pro version.
Create a time capsule
Have everyone write a message or draw a picture for the capsule and put a small accessory inside. Write an open date on the outside and hide it somewhere in the house.
Fashion show
Take out the makeup box, or better yet, have the kids raid their parents' closet to see what combination they'll make.
Classified donations
Donate toys to local charities under the guise of rainy days. Have your kids choose one or two they want to send.
- Yes.
What are your favorite things to do in rainy weather, please tell us in your comments!