8 Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

This Valentine's Day, use these homemade and recycled artifacts to express "I love you".
Instead of buying disposable gifts and cards, these eight crafts take inspiration from what you already have at home.
(1) Heart pencil
This whipperberry tutorial is a great way to use your broken pencil collection into new artwork for kids. This tutorial uses a heart mold, but you can use any mold you already have at home.
(2) Heart-shaped crown
Use the existing paper around the house (wrapping paper, newspaper, or craft paper) to cut the hearts and tie them together to create a soft, festive decoration. This tutorial for creating a green world needs a needle and a thread. If you are trying this craft with young children, poke a hole in each heart and have the children tie it by hand.
3. Loving insect
Use empty toilet paper rolls to create these trendy Valentines. Mom's ingenious tutorial uses handmade paper, paint, and pipe cleaners, but when you make your own little bug, you can be creative however you want.
4. Thumb pot
Before your jam jars go into the trash, clean them up and make those soft prints with paint. All you need are red, white, and pink pigments and a few willing thumbs to make these heart-shaped jars for filling candy or serving as votive containers.
5. Bunch of egg cartons
This Valentine's Day, use this bunch of eggs to show someone what you think of them! Cut the rest of the cardboard egg grid into four pieces and the kids can paint and decorate as they wish. Use items around the house like paper straws, pipe cleaners, and even sticks in the yard to stick rods
6. Cardboard fringe necklace
This Valentine's Day, wear your heart around your neck in a fun and festive way! Cut and decorate the heart with cardboard and tie them into necklaces. Give them to your friends or wear them to celebrate the day. The full tutorial is on Hello, and that's where the excitement lies.
7. Cereal box heart
This Valentine's Day artifact from the ART BAR blog couldn't be simpler: make huge heart-shaped Valentine's Day gifts on the front and back of an empty cereal box for kids. friends and family
18. Paper bag meat
By turning paper bags into those sweet and juicy containers, let the paper bags take on a second life, the perfect gift for lovers on Valentine's Day, but it also means they can enjoy a whole year.
Happy Valentine's Day for you and your loved ones! You can purchase our collection of Valentine's Day gifts here.