Babyproofing Basics What To Do Before Baby Arrives
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

Bringing a new baby home fills every family with excitement and anticipation, and while a baby crawling and getting into everything seems so far away, your little guy may be growing up faster (faster) than you might think. Get tested before your baby is born so that you can reduce stress when you bring your beloved baby home.
We interviewed Lisa trofe, Executive Director of the Association of Manufacturers of Adolescent Products, who came up with a list of things that are easy to do before a baby is born and that, if your home is ready, will ensure that all these transitional stages (crawling, walking, getting up) are not that much of a concern. "although you might not expect your baby to move right away and start to be busy, once he is at home it's easy to forget to settle in and protect your home, ”she says.
First, make sure that all caregivers in the family are involved in the infant sampling process. “People see different things,” Mr. troop says. “A parent or caregiver can see something that l other does not see and vice versa. So it's good to focus more on the situation. ”
Here's a quick list of the immediate security issues you need to fix.
Cover all outlets.
Covers sharp corners under the floor, such as tea tables, tea tables or the corners of stairs.
Lock all cabinets containing cleaning chemicals.
Lock and secure the door handle where you don't want the baby to enter.
If your house has a second story, install doors at the top and bottom of the stairs.
Store all older sibling's toys with small pieces in a place they cannot reach.
Keep your baby asleep without toys or blankets. "A newborn's bed, whether it is a crib or a cradle in the parent's room, should be free of toys to keep your baby asleep. animals or blankets. These interesting things will show up later, ”Mr. top said.
Make sure the seat is properly installed. Carefully monitor your state's car seat regulations. Once you have installed a rear-facing car seat, call your local fire department or hospital to see if they check the car seat to make sure it is properly installed.
Remember babies grow in the blink of an eye, so it is important to keep in mind what needs to be changed at home. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with your baby's steps, but staying alert as a child. that family will ensure that your child will grow up safely.