How to choose educational toys to develop baby's intelligence?
11.09.2021 | Awoodenworld | Baby Toy

The growth of a baby has to go through a long process, and intellectual development is also affected by many factors. Toys play an important role in the baby's growth. Children can improve their memory, cognitive ability and observation ability through toys. However, in the face of a wide range of toy brands in the market, many parents feel that they can't start. Sometimes they buy too much and think it's too wasteful. In fact, toys are also expensive. In order to reduce waste, mothers should learn to choose.

  educational toys

   the typical toys of this kind mainly include jigsaw puzzles and building blocks. What this kind of toys have in common is that they can make the baby's hands more flexible, improve the hand eye coordination ability, and improve the imagination and creativity. Most of the puzzles and building blocks are large, and babies can play for a long time. The disadvantage is that some babies will get tired and waste after playing for a long time.

  hands on toys

  in fact, most toys need children's hands, which mainly refers to ball toys and crayons. Ball toys are loved by babies because of their own characteristics. After the baby develops to a certain stage, it starts to move slowly. Ball items can exercise hand and foot flexibility and body coordination, and imperceptibly promote the baby's development. The use of crayons is a form of expression for babies to express their emotions. Affected by physiology, babies can't express their feelings in words. At this time, a piece of paper, a pen and seemingly random strokes express the baby's understanding and views on external things. In the face of these, parents do not have to stop, but should give encouragement.

  audio visual toys

  only to exercise the hearing and visual enjoyment of the baby, music toys can be used as a choice. Choose appropriate music to attract the baby's attention. In addition, after listening more, the baby will consciously or unconsciously imitate the sound heard. Music can not only relieve emotions, but also promote the development of language ability. Babies are willing to imitate and choose positive animation character toys. On the one hand, they are a tool for them to pass the time, on the other hand, they are imperceptibly affected.

common issues

  children's curiosity makes them have no great resistance to everything. In the process of choosing toys, pay attention to safety, moderate volume and materials suitable for the baby's physique. Toys are good for the body and mind, but if they are not used properly, they will do great harm.