How to Clean Wooden Toys
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

We love wooden toys for many reasons, including the attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship, and the many years of play experience they offer.
Another benefit for busy parents is that the wood does not need to be cleaned or disinfected.
Over time, the wood forms a natural bronze which deepens the personality of the toy and is part of its lifespan and becomes more beautiful as it ages and is used.
Here's how to handle these special items with care.
Do not soak in water
First of all, wood is super porous, so clean your wooden toys and never soak them in water. This may cause the toy to warp and, if it is not completely dry, bacteria can build up. form.
Spray drying
Instead, just spray the toys that need to be cleaned with hot water or a damp cloth and dry them.If you choose to do it in the sun, make sure you don't leave it too long to keep the wood from starting to fade or crack.
Use a natural cleanser
Please note that you don't want to use coarse cleaners on your child's toys as these cleaners can accidentally get into your child's mouth or skin.One formula we like to use on wooden toys is a glass of hot water filled with white vinegar.Shake, spray, dampen with a cloth and let dry.Or use the organic multi-functional cleaner of your choice.
Long-term care polisher
For the long-term care of your child's wooden toys, using beeswax polish is a good way to keep your toy fresh for the next few years. This is one of our favorite recipes, from Maine.
Don't worry about light wear and tear on your wooden toys - after all, this is just a sign that your kids are enjoying playing with them!
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