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Playing with building blocks is the cornerstone of childhood development for generations. The benefits of building block games are huge, ranging from kids learning math skills when stacking and classifying, to demonstrating their creativity when building their own design concepts.
Our favorite blocks are made of wood and are made with harmless, mouth-friendly dyes. Not only is wood more appealing to the touch, our collection of high-quality, well-structured blocks are designed to last for generations of play.
Babies' favorite blocks (under 12 months)
The first square of our favorite baby should be checked in the following box: easy to grab, safe to "chew", colorful and appealing enough to the child's senses
One of our favorites is Haba's first baby-block. There are 12 in 6 basic colors. They are made from PEFC certified beech wood and are coated with several coats of water-based solvent-free natural paint. While it's always important to teach children not to put things in their mouths at a young age, they are safe if they find a baby with sticking teeth.
Upper block for children
18 month olds start stacking (hitting), sorting (throwing) their favorite blocks. As they get older, they also learn to pick up their own blocks. Keeping a basket or bin designated for their neighborhood is a good way to involve young children in cleaning up!
Some of our favorite children's blocks include a classic Uncle Goose ABC set to help them get familiar with their letters. We also sell in Spanish, German and Arabic.
We also like to introduce young children to the blocks and nested blocks from the German company greenspielholtz. They can practice stacking in innovative ways, and the open concept behind these blocks means that as they grow older, they will find an endless stack and ways to use it.
Our choices for preschoolers
Parking lots, houses, imposing towns - for preschoolers the possibilities for neighborhood games are endless.
Many preschoolers will start adding things to their block games, like statuettes or other toys. They can also create something they can't hold! At this age, their imaginations really become endless, so give them a set of wooden blocks that will give them all the right creative tools.
Kids' favorite costumes come in different shapes and sizes, like this Beka costume made in the USA.
The Capra district is another fantastic investment - even adults love to use these buildings! These natural planks, based on a mathematical ratio of 1: 3: 15, allow the child not only to build, but also to create striking architectural details, which is not possible in conventional block assemblies!
What were your favorite blocks when you were a kid? Please tell us in your comments!