Kid On The Move How to Create a Toddler-Friendly Home
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

The stages of infancy are uninterrupted fun. Your little ones who walk, run, climb, spin are constantly exploring and testing limits, which can lead to occasional “ouch”. These accidents happen from time to time, but with these simple steps from Lisa trofe, Executive Director of the Association of Manufacturers of Teen Products, it's also easy to make your home more welcoming to the little ones.
Like a child.
Kneel down and watch what your child sees. "One of the best ways to find out what areas your child may be entering is to lower their skill level," Mr. top said. "You will see things that you don't. can't see it from your own point of view. "
Store "good things" (at least Now)
You might like your lovely restaurant tablecloth and the vase you received as a wedding gift. But this piece of fabric was begging to be ripped off. Even though you don't need to put all your goodies in storage. , you need to pay more attention to your child's ease of access. Pay attention to what your curious child may catch.
Teaching staircase safety
For families who once relied on safe stairs and doors, your kids might start learning how to climb stairs and doors.Once your child starts going through the door, it's time to take them out and go. teach him that the stairs are safe. "Help them use the handrail and walk slowly," Toffey says.
Toy Stack Assessment
More mature toys that siblings neglected will become more and more appealing to older toddlers. Notice which toys are kept outside and which toys are too small to play with and hide them in the room where they play the most.
Lock the cabinet.
Toddlers love to do what adults do and it is great fun to involve them in cleaning and cooking dinner, but it also prompts them to check drawers or kitchen cabinets with or without their parents. cupboards and drawers and take out the hands of the inquisitor.
Create teaching moments
When your little ones are helping out in the kitchen, take the time to remind them of safety precautions and let them know how hot the oven is and never touch it. Or help them wash their hands in the sink, but let them know that mommy or daddy still needs help
Improve their bed
When the inevitable night arrives, your baby has managed to get out of the cradle and it's time to change cribs. Or, if you've seen someone attempting to escape to a crib, consider a transition before your child. escapes alone.
Make favorite articles more accessible
If your child likes to take books off the shelf and hide some of their favorite books in boxes on the floor, they are easier to grab. Move and turn the toys so that they are within reach and not where mom or dad needs it (because they might not ask for help!). The more you adapt to your child's lifestyle, the easier it will be to ensure that what they are looking for is safer.
September is National Child Safety Month! Thanks to Lisa trope and jpma for their advice. Click here for the Home Safety Checklist.