Let Them Explore The Importance of Being in Nature
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

General health GP Dr Steven Fonso has helped thousands of families reconnect with the most important thing: slowing down, enjoying moments of real connection, and lowering the noise and stress that often gets in the way.
In his new book, Finding Magic in Chaos, Dr fonso offers tips to help parents and children reconnect with nature.
Against the heat of the cabin
Have you ever felt like you were locked in at home, unable to move or express your body or your emotions, or that you did not feel the freedom to go out? How do you feel when you are stuck inside? indoors and unable to move and breathe in the natural environment?
Between school, family, and indoor activities, imagine how long the first 25 years of life were potentially isolated from nature.
Make sure you and your family take the time to experience the outdoors - a park, playground, or your own backyard.Just absorb the natural sound, smells and textures.You don't need to do anything concrete, just contact the things around you.
Fresh air, sun, animals and vegetation. Commit to rolling, playing and exploring your surroundings with your children so that the family is more vibrant, healthier and healthier.
Get your hands dirty.
Do you remember your childhood, when you were digging in mud, going to school, having dirty fingers and putting them in your mouth hundreds, if not thousands of times? Guess what? still there!
The number of bacteria you have encountered in your life is even unpredictable. You are a living organism, in symbiosis with other organisms. They are part of us. We are part of them.
If we were all one, what would you do if you chose to bring love, support, respect and gratitude to other species and believe that their role is necessary and valuable? human beings and other forms of life share the earth, in this game called life, we support each other.
We are related to the earth, nature and all other life on earth, we need each other, and teaching our children to fear dirt, bacteria and bacteria is teaching them a separatist and dualistic way of life. Is our goal to let them become unnecessarily paranoid and fearful? Children do not have enough time to care?
When you and your children are bonded with inner peace, each of you will feel quite alive in this world and you will be in harmony with all other creatures, large and small, and with everything around you. *
How to make your free time part of your daily life
All day, no matter the weather, after breakfast or before dinner, set aside some time to hang out with your family.
Don't worry about the agenda. Instead of focusing on a particular outdoor activity, have them take charge and follow their leadership as they explore.
Bring back the nature class.After taking the time to highlight the natural world around the children, engage them in books on natural themes as well.
Create a natural collection. Have your child bring home the treasures from the outdoors. Place them in a special box or designate a place in the house to display them.
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