Playing with others is a kind of knowledge, which is what smart parents do
11.09.2021 | Awoodenworld | Baby Toy

After having children, parents will find that their lives have undergone earth shaking changes, which naturally adds a lot of happiness, but they also have a lot of worries about educating their children. After having children, we must spend a lot of time on children, and the link of playing with them is naturally indispensable. But playing with others is not a simple thing!

  in the process of playing with children, parents should not only accompany their children to play with toys, but also guide their children's behavior, develop their children's potential and cultivate their children's character in the process of parent-child games. Even if many parents are willing to play with their children at the beginning, they will become impatient after a short time. For example, if children break expensive toys, many parents will be angry; When children play with toys everywhere, many parents will feel tired to pack up; When children don't listen to your command and run around, parents' temper will inevitably come up at once. In the end, it is clearly to increase the emotional parent-child game time, which often ends with the anger of parents and the grievances of children.

  in fact, parents also understand that after all, children are still young, and it is inevitable to make mistakes when playing with toys. So is there any way to make parent-child games more meaningful and let parents enjoy it? There's a trick.

1. Guide children to play
  many times, even if we buy a lot of toys for our children, they may not be able to play well. In addition to giving their children the right to choose toys, parents might as well give their children some guidance and help. After all, if they can't find a way to play with toys, the toys will lose their original meaning. In addition to letting children know how to play, they can also go to a higher level, let children use their brains to play in new ways, and cultivate children's innovation ability.

  2. Let the children play
  if parents always pay attention to whether their children have broken their toys, it is inevitable that children will be tied up when playing with toys and it is difficult to put them away. In fact, the use of toys must be accompanied by loss, which is inevitable. Compared with ordering children not to damage toys, parents might as well repair toys with their children, or reassemble and repair the damaged parts of toys, which is very beneficial to the development of children's hands-on ability and thinking ability.

  3. According to children's preferences
  when children play with toys, they often don't care about the form of toys. Sometimes a leaf or an empty jar will make them treasure and play for a long time. Smart parents know to respect their children's preferences, so they should encourage their children to give full play to themselves, rather than helping their children clean up without authorization because they think those toys are too rough. After all, what children like is the best.

  when parents play with their children, if they feel upset because of their children's actions, they might as well think from a different perspective, so that their children will more like their parents' company.