The advantages of wooden tools and wooden toys(3)
11.09.2021 | Awoodenworld | Baby Toy
In the process of letting babies know and master the shape, color and structure of the calling tools, it will train the babies and young children's actual hands-on operation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, and develop their imagination. Improve infant's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and encourage children's sense of accomplishment
1. The advantages of wooden beaded wooden toys:    beaded exercises can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination ability, the cooperation and cooperation of the hands and the exquisiteness of the hands make the baby's wrist more flexible. At the same time, children can count, perform simple additions and subtractions, use shapes for matching, classification, etc.
2. The advantages of wooden toys like building blocks:    stimulates the baby’s hands-on interest, cultivates children’s space imagination ability of reasonable combination and collocation, and allows them to recognize different colors and shapes; exercises the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability; understands geometric shapes and how many ; Cultivate the ability to classify shapes and colors; improve the baby’s imagination
3. The advantages of dragging wooden toys:    improve the baby's cognitive ability, according to different drag animals to let them know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise the baby's ability to walk in a wide range.
4. The advantages of wooden toys for transportation toys:    Based on a certain understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, the baby can train its ability to assemble, drag and organize, and improve the hands-on awareness and self-care ability of life, and Understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.
5. The advantages of puzzle wooden toys:    is composed of various forms of puzzles with rich content. On the basis of children's knowledge of the combination, split and recombination of graphics, they can exercise their independent thinking ability. At the same time, the patience and perseverance of infants and young children will be cultivated.