The Importance of Family Dinner
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

Young children and even babies are used to seeing their parents' faces on the phone from birth, which is why we unplug the power, put away cellphones and hang on to the phone. old family food tradition.
These meal times help relieve stress and strengthen family bonds when you put electronics aside and the family sits around the table.In addition, studies have repeatedly shown that family meals are beneficial for children.
If your family hasn't mastered the sit-and-eat trick yet, here are some tips to make it part of your weekly routine.
Involve children on the menu
When shopping at the grocery store, have the children help you choose the ingredients of the food. Give the older children specific tasks at the grocery store ("please pick 3 tomatoes!") And don't you don't rush if they haven't caught the perfect tomato
Help them mark their items on the shopping list and expect to eat at home.
Try new recipes together
Between after-school activities and endless weekends, it can be unbearable to want to do anything other than basic food. Instead, try a new recipe every week and engage the kids. wrinkles are a great tool that they use to prepare.
Create a thematic evening
If you've ever bought a pizza every Friday night, creating that tradition like Friday Pizza might be all that turns kids on for a family dinner. Try starting a simple activity like eating tacos on Tuesday, or eating them. kids choose Thursdays, where kids can choose the menu, although you may want to include a few settings, or maybe weekly chocolate pancakes.
Bowl question
In a study by New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, cooking jokes support literacy development. The study also found that children aged 3 to 5 learn about 1,000 rare words by sitting at table, compared to 143 rare words parents learn by reading stories aloud.
Do not place the flowers in the center of the table, but place the note with the problem in the middle of the table, at dinner time, everyone takes turns choosing a note and answering questions.
These can be tips for getting kids to talk about their day or just asking them interesting “if” questions. Not only is it a fun game, but it keeps the conversation around the table fun and easy.
It's not about eating, it's about spending time with the family.
Do not feel stressed out about creating the perfect dinner. Instead, focus on eating with your family without any other distractions. If this is a new habit you are trying to incorporate at home, do not don't feel depressed if you meet resistance. Instead, keep going, and eventually dinner will be the best time of the week for everyone.
Do you have dinner with your family every night? Please share your suggestions!