Your Ultimate Checklist for Finding Sustainable and Safe Toys
11.17.2021 | Awoodenworld | ABOUT WOODENWORLD

As parents, we want to protect our children as much as possible from any possible harm. To the surprise of many parents, toys (Yes!) Also fall into the category of toys that parents should be careful of.
In recent years, the toy industry has made significant changes to the types of products to be available on main shelves as required by the Consumer Product Safety Committee.
But it's still not a perfect science - if you could walk into any small toy store, pull a toy off the shelf, and make sure it's safe for your child.
However, US regulations are still not strict enough to determine whether toys from overseas are made using lead, Bisphenol A, and PVC, which are toxic chemicals still present in toys.
No need to panic or throw all the toys in your house on the sidewalk, you can plan to become a more conscious consumer by shopping from a brand you trust.At ompa Toys we use a set strict guidelines and years of industry knowledge to review the best sustainable organic toys.All the toys you buy here have been quality checked so you can shop without worrying about what will end up in the baby's mouth
What are you looking for?
Safest Toys for Children of All Ages Check the following box:
For wooden toys, make sure they are made of durable or FSC certified hardwood and have a non - toxic, unpainted finish.
For painted wooden toys, make sure they use water-based or vegetable dyes, or just an oily finish like beeswax or jojoba.
Soft toys should be made from certified raw materials, such as organic cotton, organic wool filling, or low sensitivity multiple filling from recycled materials. Look for labels like gots certification to make sure you are buying real organic toys.
We don't have plastic toys here, but if you choose plastic toy, please make sure it is not PVC, because PVC is not safe for babies.
If you have any questions about the toys, our customer service team are here to help.When shopping at other stores, don't be afraid to ask questions such as what a certification can mean or if you want to clarify what the toys are made of.
We hope you find your child 's next favorite organic or wooden toy here!