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Customized newborn gift box

pig baby solid wood can chew a hundred day full moon gift baby hand bell rattle

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Natural: strictly selected imported timber

Safety: no paint, baby safe choice

Aesthetic Education: the best aesthetic enlightenment for babies

Fun: animals in the forest are accompanied by friends

Material: beech

Function: it can bite through the mouth desire

About wooden toys:

designer says

Kid's toy

various kinds

0-6 years old toys should be

Natural, no additives, no paint or healthy paint is best

Wooden toys are made of natural materials and are warm and moist in nature

Especially a toy made of high-grade wood is like a finely crafted work of art

Let children embrace nature and be more spiritual and wise.

Key Features:

Safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly

Plastic free and ethically made in sustainable materials

Designed to inspire creative, social, and imaginative play

Complies with rigorous EN-71 & ASTM safety standards